Volunteer’s Motto?

The meeting went well tonight. I was able to share my heart with the servants in our church. We spent some time in worship and in prayer. I felt as if God was pouring down His refreshment towards the people of God. I shared about the importance of intimacy, inspiration and being impassioned as we […]

Motivating Volunteers

We are going to have our ministry team meeting tonight. The first two months for our church during the beginning of the school year are always busy because we are on a college campus. Literally these ministry team members are running a 100 mph or as the illustration goes – “they are running like chickens […]

Car Lessons

Several months ago, I brought my car to the dealer to get an estimate on getting my car brakes fixed. Since we were tight on budget, I ended up going to a place that promised a discounted price and good service. Fast forward several months. I brought my car to the dealer to fix what […]

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