Motivating Volunteers

We are going to have our ministry team meeting tonight. The first two months for our church during the beginning of the school year are always busy because we are on a college campus. Literally these ministry team members are running a 100 mph or as the illustration goes – “they are running like chickens with their head cut off” – in order to get things done.

It is in the craziness of ministry that many of us lose our perspective and sometimes, very sadly, lose our intimacy with God. Once our relationship with God erodes, then our attitude and joyfulness begin to disappear and bitterness creeps into the heart. So what does a lead pastor do at this moment? Does he fire them? But how can he? They are all volunteers. Does he yell at them? But how can he? They are already discouraged and bitter.

We have to bring everything back into focus. The greatest commandment? – to love God and to love people. We are debtors of love. As soon as I feel like I have paid my debt, I look at the cross and then I realized that I have not made a dent.

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