A Weekend to Remember

God is truly faithful! We had many alumni come back for our 10th year celebration. We started off the weekend with a Reunion Service on Friday. We even had a video greeting from some of the alumni from Singapore who could not make this out this weekend. I talked about the importance of partnership in the Gospel and the importance of prayer. It was just refreshing to worship with people who believe and support the vision of transformation.

Then on Saturday we gathered just the alumni and had a brunch at Palmer Commons. It was great having that special time with just the alumni in our HMCC family. Many of them are placed all over the United States and doing some great things. I had one of the brothers in our church share about a company that he started with another HMCC member. It is an investment company called Rain Capital, LLC. It is all about leverage – and we want to leverage everything we have for the Kingdom of God.

Then in the evening, we went to the Marriott Hotel to hold our special banquet. It was a formal/semi-formal attire and we had a great time of reconnecting and reminiscing the last 10 years of our church. Some of the presentations and interactive activities were ridiculous… totally hilarious. Thanks to all of you who made that night a success. Some people then gathered at various apartments to watch Michigan defeat the Minnesota Gophers.

We capped everything off with the big Sunday Celebration at the Power Center of the Performing Arts. It was a moving moment for me as I was backstage getting ready to preach the message. All the presentations were incredible! I am more and more humbled to know that we have so many talented people who want to use their gifts for the Lord. I talked about: remembering God’s faithfulness, rejoicing in God’s favor and recommitting ourselves in faith to the vision and mission of transformation. The highlight was when we were able to lay down “10 stones of remembrance” (one for each year) at the foot of the big cross. It was a symbolic gesture, as a witness to God and one another that we wanted to commit ourselves to transformation. We ended with a great shout of praise and worship unto the Lord.

The “best is yet to come”…

Here are some pictures:

Alumni Banquet1.jpg
Alumni Brunch – reconnecting with one another
10th Anniv Testimonies.JPG
Sunday Celebration – testimonies being shared from various generations
10th Anniv Stones.JPG
The “stones of remembrance” for every year of our church
10th Anniv Congrg.JPG
Sunday 10th Year Celebration at the Power Center

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