Bringing Home the Baby

At our Chicago service, I shared an illustration that paralleled with giving birth to a child. When a child is born there is great celebration. Family and friends rejoice with the parents. We end up sending pictures and e-mails on this special occasion. But then when the parents bring the child home, the hard work begins – all the sleepless nights, all the feeding, all the diaper changes, etc. The parents learn how to sacrifice and give to their new child because they brought the child into the world and they want to see it grow up to make a difference in the world.

The parallel:

During our inaugural celebration last week, we had a great time of celebrating and rejoicing in the birth of this new church. Many family and friends came and celebrated with us on this joyous occasion. But this week, all our family and friends are no longer there. We, the members at HMCC of Chicago now have the responsibility of building up this church and helping it to grow to make a difference in the world. The hard work has begun – all the sacrifice, all the prayers, all the serving, etc.

I still remember back in 1996 when we had about 90 people in our inaugural service and then the following Sunday we had about 45-50 people. But it was with this core group of people that we built the church to what it is now.

God will do the same thing here in Chicago. I am excited to see this new church plant grow into a healthy and mature church that will transform the world.

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