I recently read a Barna article about “Tweenies.” The Tweenies are kids from 8-12 years old. Yup, Josiah is now officially considered a tweenie. It was interesting to read some of the things that were discovered in their research.

One principle or value that they reaffirmed is the importance of the role of the parents in a tweenie’s life. This is the reason why we need to keep on building up our Covenant group (married couples’ small group). As the husband and wife learn to build stronger marriages, it will hopefully help them to become better parents.

I am scared out of my mind to think about some of the things that our children will have to face in the near future. I have always talked about raising up “world shakers and history makers,” but the task before Christina and me is a difficult one. This is why we need to pray more for God’s grace and mercy upon our children.

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