2006 H-Games

In this year’s H-Games, we had two non-undergraduate small groups finishing in the top three. Maybe the old adage is true – “with age comes wisdom.” All I know is that it wasn’t with our physique that we, the married couple’s group came in 3rd place. I think most of us were out of shape 🙂 Some of the games required precision rather than sheer brute force. But we needed some of that brute force against the FOCUS small group (our single adult small group) in the tug-of-war event.

It is always fun watching our whole church come together to compete against the various small groups. The amazing part of H-Games is to see how healthy competition can bring small group members together. The logic behind this is: we have a common goal (to win) and a unified purpose (to defeat everyone else).

What would happen if we had this kind of perspective with spiritual warfare? The sad fact is that we compete against people who are on the same team. Why is it that we keep on forgetting that we are on the same team trying to fight the same enemy? This is why the Church is so fragmented and not unified. We can learn a lot from H-Games.

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