Lost Contact Lens

After our drive back to LA from San Diego, I was exhausted. I ended up falling asleep in the car… I wasn’t a good driving buddy. In my desire to quickly get into bed, I took off my contact lenses in a hurry. As I was popping my contacts out of my eye, one of them slipped out of my hands. I frantically scrambled to find it but due to my tiredness, I decided to find it the next morning.

The next morning, I went to the bathroom to look for the lost contact lens and to my chagrin, I realized that it might have gone inside the sink. Since I have astigmatism in my eye, I wear gas-permeable contact lenses – bottom line… it is more expensive than soft contacts.

I ended up calling up Christina to receive some comfort for my ordeal and to figure out if I would be able to get another pair of contacts. Guess what her response was? “Honey, why are you so expensive?” Haha!

I am more open to LASIK surgery, but it is “expensive.”