The Gospel Choir Version

There is something about a gospel choir that just makes a song reach a whole new level. My first time hearing a gospel choir was when I was in college. I still remember how I got goose bumps as I heard different gospel songs at the concert. After this experience, I got hooked. Now, my mp3 playlist is filled with various gospel songs.

I don’t know what it is – maybe it is the instrumentation with the Hammond organ, drums, and bass guitar or the incredible vocals; but either way, the passion in which the choir sings the songs has a powerful way of ministering to people.

This is why when I heard the gospel choir version of Chrysler’s Super Bowl Commercial, it was powerful. When people use their God-given talent, it has an awesome way of moving the spirit of a person. I am praying that many more people within the HMCC churches will be raised up to use their musical gifts to inspire people to know the True and Living God.

We are still praying for Detroit. I would love to see the restoration of Detroit, not only physically and economically, but most importantly, in a spiritual way. It is through the church, the people of God who will need to light the way – a city on a hill cannot be hidden (Mt 5:14).

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