Daddy & Daughter

It has been interesting to see the reactions of my two boys and my daughter when I came back from my 5 week missions trip. Even though Josiah and Elliot were happy to have me back, the outward expression of Karissa has been different from the boys. Maybe this is why people say that there is a usually a special connection between a dad and his daughter.

Often times I look at KiKi and feel the weight of responsibility in being her father. Not only will she know the Father’s love through the way I treat her, but she will judge her future male relationship (I am praying that it is just one!) in light of what she see in me.

This is when I realized how much I fall short of what Christ can offer to her.

When I saw this music video by Shane and Shane, it spoke to me powerfully. It portrayed the father’s heart for a daughter (and even a spiritual daughter). May the father heart of God remind us that He is the only one who can fulfill and satisfy our heart’s desires. The Perfect One.

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