A Weekend to Remember

God is truly faithful! We had many alumni come back for our 10th year celebration. We started off the weekend with a Reunion Service on Friday. We even had a video greeting from some of the alumni from Singapore who could not make this out this weekend. I talked about the importance of partnership in […]

What a Night!

God is truly amazing! Talk about impeccable timing… we arrived at the hotel at 5:05PM. Yup, you guessed it – our flight was delayed again. We were on the tarmac when the plane’s engine shut down. In one of those “ah-ha” moments, I was reminded that this new church plant will never “take off” without […]

The Time Has Come

I can’t believe the time has come for the church plant in Chicago. This past year flew by… especially as we were trying to lay down the foundations for this church plant . I keep thinking back to that October 29th, 2005 Northwestern vs. Michigan football game when the Holy Spirit deposited the vision and […]

One Week and Counting

As we rolled into the Hilton Garden Inn for our last preview service, I was reminded that church is not a building or a place, but it is made up of people – God’s people. This was the beauty of the early church. Due to the persecution, they were scattered all over the known world […]

Partnership at Work

Dr. Steve Lee sent some pictures about their progress in the building of the income-generating projects like the mortuary for the hospital. They have laid the foundations down and the mortuary building will probably go up soon. It is exciting to see the partnership at work. I just wanted to thank you guys at HMCC […]

Raising the Water Level

Yesterday, while I was still in Chicago, I had an opportunity to meet one of the local pastors in Evanston. I really didn’t know what to expect because from the last couple of meetings with other pastors and church leaders, I did not receive a warm welcome – to put it bluntly, they were a […]

Covenant Retreat 2006

We were blessed to have one of our small group members open up their parents’ condo in Oscoda, Michigan for our married couples’ retreat. Right after our Sunday Celebration, we headed up north to get away from the ordinary things of life and strengthen our marriages and our relationships with one another. We had a […]

Webcam Connection

Last night we ushered in the start of the 626 Mandate by praying together as a church. I was encouraged to see so many people come out to pray even though it was at 12 midnight (hopefully many of the working people got some sleep). Since our church is also located in Chicago, we decided […]

Leadership Prayer Summit 2006

We just finished off our leadership prayer summit tonight. By God’s grace, our prayer times this year were deeper and sweeter. On Friday, the first night’s focus was on our devotion to prayer (Col 4:2). We then spent a lot of time just praying on our own and seeking God’s face. Saturday was declared a […]

AMI Revolution 2006

What a great conference! It was exciting to see so many students from various universities around the States gathered together in Ann Arbor to worship and pray together for the purposes of God to be fulfilled in our generation. Seeing so many people come up to the front of the stage to place their commitment […]

2006 TC Summit

We just finished off our leadership summit. The leaders of our small group ministry and ministry teams got together to pray, plan and prepare for what God has set forth in our church. There was a different feeling in the air – with all the new and first time leaders, there was a sense of […]

Easter 2006

It was a full house! We packed out Mendelssohn Theater. This year’s Easter Celebration was filled with exuberance and creativity. Our first church choir did a great job. The dance team’s presentation of the resurrection reminded me of my dance party days… I don’t know if my body can move like that anymore… haha!   […]

Good Friday 2006

We decided to try something different this year for our Good Friday service. For the response time after the message, we asked people to pick up a candle and head out to the Diag (the center of campus). We put a big cross in the Diag for public display and we just ended up worshipping […]

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