Leadership Prayer Summit 2006

We just finished off our leadership prayer summit tonight. By God’s grace, our prayer times this year were deeper and sweeter. On Friday, the first night’s focus was on our devotion to prayer (Col 4:2). We then spent a lot of time just praying on our own and seeking God’s face. Saturday was declared a day of fasting. There is something important about feeling the pangs of hunger to remind us of our need to hunger after God.

I ended up praying for all the small group leaders and the ministry team leaders. Even though I couldn’t pray for everyone extensively, I prayed for God’s anointing and blessings on their service for this coming year.

King David in Ps 141:2 wrote, “May my prayer be set before you like incense.” With all the prayers that we lifted up at this summit, I feel as if we filled the retreat center with a sweet aroma. Now, we have to emanate it to the spheres of influence that God has placed us in. Reality check!

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