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Last night we ushered in the start of the 626 Mandate by praying together as a church. I was encouraged to see so many people come out to pray even though it was at 12 midnight (hopefully many of the working people got some sleep). Since our church is also located in Chicago, we decided to webcam to bring a sense of unity – it was awesome!

I think we were all encouraged to see each other live, albeit it was over the computer through a webcam. As I looked out on the big screen, I was blessed to see the number of people gathered in Chicago to join us in prayer. After we greeted one another, we had our separate prayer gathering. Then at the end, we turned on the webcam again and closed out with an unified prayer for the nations.

It just felt good to be able to be connected in this way even though we were at two different locations. I am wondering if the new paradigm for church will be done in this way in the future… hmm? Regardless, I love redeeming technology for God’s purposes and His glory.

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