Planes and Books

One thing good about long flights is that I am able to read. Reading really relaxes me but at the same time fires me up because of the various insights gleaned from the writings. For some reason, the current book that I am reading captured my attention. I just could not put it down. In […]

New Church in San Diego

I will be heading out to LA this weekend to speak at Church of Southland and also to be a part of the inaugural service for Kairos Christian Church. Pastor Mark Chun will be the lead pastor of this new and exciting church. I met him back in March at an AMI Conference out in […]

10th Year Anniversary

   Tomorrow night we are going to gathering everyone together for the 10th year Reunion Service. It is going to be awesome reconnecting with everyone. We will spend some time in the Word and worshipping together – HMCC style! Then on Saturday, the formal banquet at the Marriott Hotel will be an added treat (thank […]

Temporary Soccer Coach?

I don’t know how it happened, but in the midst of the impromptu parent/coach meeting, I just found myself volunteering. Recently, due to the earlier sundown, Josiah’s soccer program changed the start of the soccer practices. But the problem is that his coach cannot come until 30-40 minutes later. So, there were two options given […]

The Greatest Game Ever Played

Christina and I spent our date night watching, “The Greatest Game Ever Played” on DVD. The movie is based on a true story of the 1913 U.S. Open, where Francis Ouimet, an amateur golf player played against the best player of that time. WARNING: If you don’t like people who spoil movies, please read no […]

Time of Reconnecting

This week I had breakfast in the morning with Christina – without the kids! At first it was a little weird (or abnormal) not having all the noise and making sure that everyone is eating. It brought back memories of our earlier years of courtship and marriage, when it was just the two of us. […]

Staff Conference and Technology

We gave it a try for the first time at our last staff meeting – we held our staff meeting via video conference. Since some of the staff members were in Chicago, we decided to maximize the technology and the time that we had. There is still some tweaking that we need to do, but […]

Games People Play Series

    We are going to start a new series tomorrow called, “Games People Play.” You can learn so much about life from board games like Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly and Life. It reveals our passions, our desires and even our goals. Trivial Pursuit is the first on the docket. Sometimes a lot of our pursuits […]

His House Series

    The pastoral staff and I are pretty stoked to start this new series on Fridays called, “His House.” We are going to study the Book of First Corinthians. As we will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary in October, we are just in a stage where we need to hear from God through […]

Not a Good Way to Start

With a nudge and an exclamation of “OH my God” from Christina, I jumped out of bed. The whole Kim family woke up late! Christina and I rushed to get the kids to school – but they were all late. This is not a good way to start the first day of school for the […]

New Encounter

Yesterday, we had our first large group outreach gathering for the new school year. It is simply called “New Encounter” because we want people to experience a new encounter with Jesus. Last night was probably one of the better New Encounter gatherings that we had in a long time. The atmosphere was electrifying. We had […]

Webcam Connection

Last night we ushered in the start of the 626 Mandate by praying together as a church. I was encouraged to see so many people come out to pray even though it was at 12 midnight (hopefully many of the working people got some sleep). Since our church is also located in Chicago, we decided […]

The Countdown Has Begun

Two more hours before the 626 Mandate.       We will be ushering in the next 40 days with 24/7 prayer around the world with all the AMI churches and missionaries. It is exciting to know that we are not trying to accomplish the Great Commission by ourselves but there are other brothers and […]

This Sunday on Sept 3rd

    I am looking forward to this coming Sunday. There will be a new wave of people coming to HMCC of Ann Arbor. It has been our prayer for the last couple of days that whenever someone steps into any of our gatherings that they will experience the Presence of God. We are continuing […]

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