Two Things to Avoid

Earlier tonight, the pastoral staff and I went out to celebrate a b-day. This was a special b-day because one of our pastors was turning the big “Three-O” (30). Somehow in the midst of our conversations, we decided that we will not talk about two particular topics that always stir up passion and even dissention […]

Back in the Game

I just came back from my personal retreat. Now, I am rested, refreshed and renewed. It was awesome reading through the whole NT again. There were a lot of insights as the Holy Spirit was speaking through God’s Word (you will probably hear about them in the near future). When I was younger in my […]

Personal Retreat

I am going up north for several days on a personal retreat today. In the last 7 years, I have tried to get away to seek the Lord before all the madness starts at the end of August. Last year, I was not able to get away and I took a hit for it. This […]

BBQ Update 4

Today was our final round of BBQs for the leaders… four BBQs within 10 days! We have made good use of our grill this summer; and after grilling for so many people, a person gets better and faster. But cleaning the grill afterwards is the hard part… thanks to those who helped clean the grill. […]

BBQ Update 3

This was the third group of leaders that we had over to our house. It was hard adjusting as the host, since I just got back from Chicago and had to help cook right away. I realized that traveling back and forth to Chicago takes a toll on the body and mind. For some reason, […]

Airport Security

As I was planning out my flight from DTW to ORD, I made sure that I got rid of all liquids, gels, shampoo and toothpaste. Bottom line – I was traveling even lighter than I normally travel with my luggage. After going through the security check, I was pulled over for an “extra” security check. […]

BBQ Part 2

We finished off another BBQ at our home with the leaders. I am getting better at the grill. I guess the phrase, “practice makes perfect” applies here. It has been fun interacting with the various groups of leaders. The conversations that we had with the group of leaders today were totally different from the first […]

BBQ and Princesses

Yesterday we had some of the leaders over to our place for a barbeque. As our church continues to grow, it is getting harder to know even the leaders in our church. By inviting a smaller group of people over to our home, the family and I are able to connect with them in a […]

Wake Up Call

I went to the doctor’s office today. It was a follow-up appointment to the sleep study that I did 1.5 months ago. The test results came in and they found that I have severe sleep apnea. Those of you who do not know what sleep apnea is, then click here. The doctor indicated that my […]

Iron Sharpening Iron

My family just came back from spending some time with Dr. Steve Lee’s family. I realized that whenever the kids outnumber the parents, we have to play zone defense. We were constantly making sure that we did not leave anyone behind, but it was fun having all 8 kids play together. After putting the kids […]

FIFA World Cup 2006

It is time! 64 games. 32 teams. 8 Groupings. 1 champion. It is incredible how a sport like soccer can bring people together from all nations. Maybe it is the simplicity of the game – all you need is a soccer ball. Maybe it is the beauty of bringing countries together in one place. Maybe […]

2006 Senior Class

I walked into the long anticipated meeting with the senior class a little late due to another meeting I had at another place. I really did not know what to expect. Usually my meetings with people are more one-on-one… and they are usually in a counseling context. The senior class called this meeting because they […]

Action Hero!

First of all, I want to give some mad props to Pastor Dave Lee from Chicago. Dave, it is truly a spiritual gift! You have a way of finding some of the craziest things on the web. I took this test to figure out what kind of action hero I would be – and guess […]

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