Time of Reconnecting

This week I had breakfast in the morning with Christina – without the kids! At first it was a little weird (or abnormal) not having all the noise and making sure that everyone is eating. It brought back memories of our earlier years of courtship and marriage, when it was just the two of us. Even though we have been on dates in our marriage, it was special because it was in the morning.

Since all of our kids are at school now, Christina has more time to do things. I decided to surprise her and spend time having breakfast – “quality time,” as she would say. When I think about all the sacrifices that she makes for the kids and for me, I am so inspired.

I feel like now is the time for her to do things that she had to put off for so many years. I remember when we first came to Ann Arbor and how she had to put off her admission to the UM teaching program. She had to put off traveling to various places with me. She had to put off doing a lot of ministry. But now with some free time in the mornings, she is talking about getting more involved in the kids’ schools, taking some classes in the morning, tutoring international moms, spending time with the moms in our church… and training for future marathons!

Maybe the roles are slowly switching and I will have to stay at home more. 🙂

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