Prayer Driving

After our prayer gathering and some time of fellowship, a couple of us decided to drive down to University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC). We drove around the campus and I ended up getting a mini-tour. It was just eye-opening to see the great need on this campus. Even though the campus is known for being a […]

Enjoying the Drive

The more we realize that we are not in control, the more we learn how to trust in God. Due to the snowstorm throughout the Midwest in last couple of days, many flights today were canceled. I tried to get another flight with other airlines but got the same results – they were all canceled. […]

Simple Pleasures

After dinner we went out to Coldstone’s Creamery (our family’s favorite). Christina ended up getting an internet coupon for – buy one, get one free! When else can we enjoy ice cream in 60’s degree weather at the end of November. This is truly one of the simple pleasures in life.   Enjoying some good […]

Christmas Tree Tradition

Since the weather has been so nice lately, our family decided to grill some hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. After dinner, we played some Christmas music and put up the Christmas tree together. About four years, we decided to make our tree into a “tree of the nations.” Instead of putting up “regular” ornaments, we […]

Another Lesson from the Airport

Since we only had one service in Ann Arbor, we decided to see if we can catch the earlier flight that was leaving at 1:35PM (instead of our normal 3:11PM flight). When we got to the airport, we found out that the earlier flight was sold out and we were placed on standby. When I […]

Planning for Thanksgiving

The only place open right now for free wireless is Panera Bread (my 3rd office). Our family will be heading out to Christina’s brother’s place for Thanksgiving. We are going to have both sides of the family gather together for the Thanksgiving meal. Sometimes it is so hard to plan out for a simple meal, […]

Two Minutes Over

Parking is horrendous in Chicago’s downtown. First of all, if you want to find a metered parking space, you might as well just forget about it – not only because of the lack of space but because of the number of quarters you have to put in. Secondly, the parking spaces that are opened are […]

Color of Our Emotions

        I am excited to start this new series. It is right around this time when our emotions affect the best of us – whether it is due to the holiday season or due to the various things we are going through in our lives. The colors we display are: 1) Green […]

Things Affecting Us

Two questions were asked of me recently (one this past week in China and the other about 10 minutes ago): 1) When Michigan loses a game, does Sunday worship service get affected? 2) Honey, do you remember when you used to get so depressed when the Chicago Bulls lost a game? My response to both […]

Even Thousands of Miles Away

This morning, I lifted up a prayer for the funeral service that our church will be having for Andy. There will be people attending this service in Ann Arbor before his body gets buried in Arlington Cemetery. Pastor Dave will be leading the service and people are expected to gather together to pay their last […]

Last Home Game of 2006 Season

The boys and I decided to go to the last home game of this season. Some people told me that we would be able to get tickets for $5 or $10 since the game was against Ball St. Also, I was told that if the game is already underway then the sellers will be willing […]

Don’t Forget to Vote

Since I will be out of the country next Tuesday, I went into the courthouse today and voted in an absentee ballot. This is a mid-election year, but there is a lot at stake in the State of Michigan. There are many Proposals that are trying to pass this year therefore we have to speak […]

In Loving Memory of Andy Kim

As some of you probably heard by now, our beloved brother Andy went to be with the Lord yesterday at 5:47AM EST. He was KIA (killed in action) during his tour of duty in Fallujah, Iraq. We are going to have a memorial service for him tonight, 7PM at the Michigan Union, Anderson Room. We […]

Sleep Apnea Part 2

In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Yesterday, I went in for another evaluation. This was a little bit more sophisticated because four different doctors were there to analyze me (they were all ranging from an ENT to an oral surgery). The whole consultation literally took about […]

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