The Ten Faces of Innovation

Awhile back, a member in our church got a book for me to read. It was a business book written by the founders of IDEO. I just finished it on my flight back to Ann Arbor. The book talks about strategies that drive creativity throughout an organization and the people that are needed to make […]

Clergy Appreciation Finale

What a night! Christina and I just came back from a night out together that was completely planned out by 3 small groups in our church. Supposedly, small groups were paired up together to “adopt” a pastor and their families to show their love during the Clergy Appreciation Month. Various groups and people have already […]


Yesterday our family spent some time going to the Pistons game. I was able to get some $10 tickets – God always provides 🙂 It was quite an experience for the kids! With all the lights, music and crazy giveaways, the kids were soaking it all up. When Josiah was younger, I took him to […]

Countdown to Season 6

I was just thinking… The Encarta World English Dictionary defines, “anticipation” as, “the feeling of looking forward, usually excitedly or eagerly, to something that is going to happen.” Mondays will be packed with action again – watch the trailer Why does the world know how to build anticipation better than the Church? What would happen […]

It’s More Than A Race

Awhile back, I shared about a father-son relationship that inspired me. Rick Hoyt, who has cerebral palsy, with his dad, Dick Hoyt ran nearly 1,000 marathons and triathlons over 27 years. Wow! You have to read their testimony for yourself… click here    

Family Portrait

Yesterday we took our family portrait. The last time we took one was when Josiah was about a year old. Oh, how things have changed. It is in these family portraits that you begin to see how quickly time flies. The kids are growing up, and Christina and I look a bit older. I think […]

Opportunities to be the CBTW

CBTW? The Church Beyond the Walls. This is what we have been talking about for a year and a half in our church. In order for us to be a missional church, we have to go to where the people are and also consider finding ways to bring the Gospel to the people in fresh […]

Free Car Wash

I truly believe one of God’s graces is displayed in rain. The other day, I was thinking that I needed a car wash because all the driving through the back roads to drop off the kids at school causes my car to get dirty quickly. I can’t even remember the last time I got a […]

Da Bears!

What can I say?! God is very, very good! What a game last night… probably one of the most exciting games for the Bears. There has to be a sermon illustration out of that game. 6-0 baby! Can I get an amen?

Clergy Appreciation

October is supposedly the month for clergy appreciation. Why October? I don’t know but anyways… I was blessed to hear that each of the small group had “adopted” a pastor on our staff to show their appreciation. This morning right after morning prayer, I found an envelope on my windshield. When I got home I […]

Random Thoughts

This week has been a long week – and we are not even through with it yet! I spent some time in reflection and here are some thoughts that came forth: 1) Wounded people end up wounding other people… a vicious cycle. 2) People who play the victim will never be victorious 3) I need […]

Lost Contact Lens

After our drive back to LA from San Diego, I was exhausted. I ended up falling asleep in the car… I wasn’t a good driving buddy. In my desire to quickly get into bed, I took off my contact lenses in a hurry. As I was popping my contacts out of my eye, one of […]

2006 H-Games

In this year’s H-Games, we had two non-undergraduate small groups finishing in the top three. Maybe the old adage is true – “with age comes wisdom.” All I know is that it wasn’t with our physique that we, the married couple’s group came in 3rd place. I think most of us were out of shape […]

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