Genuine Italian Restaurant

The TLT (trans-local team) and I went out for lunch. The hotel concierge told us about a good Italian restaurant (authentic). As soon as we drove into the neighborhood, you got a sense that it was from the television show, “The Sopranos”. As we were about to walk into the restaurant, I told the other […]

Thoughts on “Communicating for a Change”

        For some reason, reading Andy Stanley’s book, “Communicating for a Change” was a painful but yet pleasant experience. Maybe it is like running. It is painful as you run (especially if you haven’t ran in ages), but then at the end it feels good knowing that you got a good work […]

2007 AMI Leadership Summit Update 1

I finally arrived this late afternoon to Newark, New Jersey after a 2 hour delay in the plane on the tarmac… oh the joys of air travel. The Trans-Local Team (TLT) met up together for dinner and spent some time in prayer. Tomorrow morning we will have some business meetings. Then many of our guests […]

2007 AMI Leadership Summit

I am pretty excited about the AMI leadership summit, which will hosted by Acts Community Church in New Jersey. Some of the leadership team in HMCC will be joining me this weekend. I am leaving today to meet up with the Trans-local Team (TLT) before the whole conference starts on Thursday night. I am looking […]

Da Bulls vs. Dee-troit

Some of the guys in our church were able to snag some playoff tickets and invited me to come join them. Now in retrospect, I think they wanted to humble me since they know that I am a Bulls fan. One of them even mentioned that they had a Chicago Bulls’ Michael Jordon retro jersey… […]

Just Chillin’

It was a crazy weekend with everything that was going on in church and in family life. But I had some time to chill with the family in between some of the various events and meetings. Sometimes it is these moments without a clear purpose or agenda that people remember the most – especially the […]

Elliot’s B-Day Dinner

Today was Elliot’s official birthday so the family and I went out to celebrate it together. It is becoming our tradition to allow the birthday person to select the restaurant they want to go to. Elliot chose Macaroni Grill. Later, Elliot told us that he chose that place because they have the best chocolate cake […]

2007 TC Summit Update 2

Even thought we had to take a break from the summit due to the Sunday Celebration and the church-wide picnic, we finished off well. In fact, I communicated to the leaders that part of the leadership training was learning how to serve as well as reaching out to the other parts of our church community. […]

Elliot’s 7th B-Day Party

We celebrated Elliot’s 7th year birthday at Jump City. It is a kid’s paradise. There are inflatable structures that kids are able to slide down on and even jump around in. As a parent, it was such a joy to see Elliot so happy. Since he is such a relational person, you could just tell […]

Karissa’s First Soccer Debut

Today, Karissa started her first soccer game… or shall I say soccer amoeba (the kids move together like a blob towards the ball). It was a bit sad because I had to miss it due to the leadership summit. But I made sure that Christina took a lot of pictures. The best part was when […]

2007 TC Summit Update

We had an awesome time of worship as we finished off our first night of our leadership summit. I talked about Jesus’ parable on new wineskins for new wine. God wants to do a new thing and we need a new mindset in order to get to where God wants us to be. We also […]

OK, It’s the 10K

Believe it or not, Christina and I will be running the Dexter-Ann Arbor 10K Race on June 3rd. I don’t know what possessed me – maybe an early mid-life crisis… ha! Christina loves to run and she wanted to enter into a race, so I was thinking that this will be a great way to […]

TEAM Community Summit 2007

Today, the leaders and I will be going away to begin our Leadership Summit. I have been a firm believer that everything rises and falls with leadership. We have been so blessed in the past years to have committed and sacrificial leaders who were willing to give everything and anything to build up God’s Kingdom. […]

Transforming Worship Update

I just got an e-mail from a member of our staff indicating that someone from China accepted Christ during last week’s Sunday Celebration. It is encouraging to know that as we talked about the power of worship and how it can allow people to encounter the living and true God that it became a reality. […]

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