Never Get Too Comfortable

I think one of the joys of church planting is the constant challenge of finding facility space. I believe in HMCC of Ann Arbor we used at least 7 or 8 different places for worship within the first 5 years of our church. It was quite an adventure but it was really hard to keep […]

Wholly Devoted

I just came back from the first night of the Single Adult Retreat. It was great worshipping with the “older” crowd in our church. In the message, the “one thing” that I shared was – “A heart devoted to God will live out the purposes of God.” We looked into the life of King Solomon […]

Soccer Mania

        Today, Josiah and his Ann Arbor Arsenal Team participated in the Canton Cup Tournament. It is a pretty historic tournament with close to 500+ teams all over Michigan coming together to compete. Every time I go to Josiah’s games, it brings back memories of the “glory days” of when I played […]

Applebee’s Racial Salad

        I don’t know… maybe I am truly an activist at heart. In some ways, all activists have some sense of justice built in their disposition. I am also fully aware that what I am about to write is probably rooted in some deep emotional scar when I was 7 years old […]

2007 Single Adults Retreat

Tomorrow we will have our annual Single Adult Retreat. First of all, the semantics of calling a 20 or 30 something a “single adult” or “young adult” need to be cleared up. In fact, I wrote an entry a year ago laying down the reasons why in HMCC we call people in the 20-30’s single […]

Reclaiming the Arts and Media

I don’t know if you have been keeping up with some of the new T.V. shows that will be appearing soon. It was very interesting to me that two of the new shows deal with the arts and media. One of the shows is called, “On the Lot.” The contestants on this show will have […]

American Idol and the Arts

      Even though the T.V. show American Idol has been playing for 6 seasons (including this season), I have only watched the last 5-6 weeks. Thanks to the craze over Sanjaya Malakar, it perked my interest to find out what all the hype was about. Yesterday’s finale was incredible. At the end, when […]

“24” Season 6 Finale

Since I was in Dallas, I missed the 2-hour season ending of “24” on TV. But thankfully, Christina recorded it for me (to feed my addiction). SPOILER WARNING!           It is amazing how a lot of movies and T.V. shows have glimpses of the Gospel. In fact, I have been saying […]

God is Preparing the Harvest

There are times when a person just senses something. Some might call it intuition or “in the flow” and some in other camps call it prophetic, but regardless, it is exciting when you are tapping into the heart of God. For some reason as we were coming to a close of this school year, some […]

Dallas Reflections

As I am sitting here reflecting on my 24 hours in Dallas, I am feeling pretty overwhelmed (in a good sense). First of all, it is incredible to think that God would use imperfect people to build His Kingdom. Sometimes, I see myself messing things up more than anything else. But God is truly gracious […]

Wild Challenge in Dallas

I arrived to Dallas/Fort Worth airport in the morning. Then I headed out to pick up a rental car. Christina ended up getting a cheap price for a car rental from E-Z Rent-A-Car. Exactly. I was thinking what kind of cars would a place called E-Z Rent-A-Car have? I was bracing myself for the worst, […]

Another All-Nighter

We finished the retreat on a high note as we prayed together in the various small groups. I talked about the CHARGED acronym and how college students can be a part of God’s greater plan of bringing transformation in societies and nations. The worship band quickly packed up and after saying our goodbyes, we headed […]

The Land of Motorcycles

It seems like the town of Lake Geneva is a motorcycle town. Within the last few days, I have seen so many people on motorcycles. I have also seen many different types of bikes… with many different types of people riding on them. As I was going to the coffee shop, I happened to notice […]

CCUC Retreat Update 2

This morning I talked about forgiveness. It is usually a heavy topic, especially when it is in the morning session. I realized that whenever I address this particular topic (in any place), it is always hard for everyone involved – not only for the people who have to dig deep into their lives, but it […]

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