CCUC Retreat Update 2

This morning I talked about forgiveness.

It is usually a heavy topic, especially when it is in the morning session. I realized that whenever I address this particular topic (in any place), it is always hard for everyone involved – not only for the people who have to dig deep into their lives, but it is also hard for me. I have to make sure that there is no bitter root in my heart with people who have hurt me in the past.

We live in a sin-filled world and people end up hurting each other. But the power to forgive comes from the fact that God has forgiven us. Therefore, the commands in the Bible to forgive have been predicated by Jesus demonstrating the ultimate forgiveness for sin on the cross.

The more we understand the cross, the more we will be able to forgive – but it is not always easy. This is why it is good to park and sit near the cross a little bit.

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