Genuine Italian Restaurant

The TLT (trans-local team) and I went out for lunch. The hotel concierge told us about a good Italian restaurant (authentic). As soon as we drove into the neighborhood, you got a sense that it was from the television show, “The Sopranos”. As we were about to walk into the restaurant, I told the other TLT brothers that this restaurant will probably have some mobsters in there – I was just joking.

But then when we walked in it was pretty surreal because the guys at the bar and even in the “back room” (where we were seated), they were guys that looked like they were right out of the mobster movie. It was incredible.

I wanted to keep on saying, “fuh-geh-a-bow-it.”

But the food was INCREDIBLE – probably one of the best Italian foods I had in a long time. The ingredients were fresh.

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