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Retreats and Conferences in May

The worship team and I will be heading out to a Chinese Christian Union Church (CCUC) college retreat starting tomorrow. One of the encouraging things about working on a college campus is being connected to so many people. Once students graduate and go to various places around the world, there is an instant network that […]

Bulls Making History

It has been said that no team has come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a NBA playoff series. Well, it is 3-2 right now (after tonight’s game) and heading back to Chicago. First of all, all these Pistons fans here in Ann Arbor are giving me a hard time for rooting for the […]

Observation at O’Hare Airport

As a semi-sociologist, I enjoy watching people and various situations. Usually in airports, I am in a hurry trying to get from one place to another that I miss out on some of the interactions that happen on a daily basis. Today, I left my wallet in my dad’s car and I had to wait […]

Mother’s Day 2007

Christina and I woke up at 3:30AM on Sunday early morning to get ready for our 6AM flight. I was in a dilemma – I knew if I slept that I would never get up, therefore I ended up staying up for most of the night. We were originally planning on having a Mother’s Day […]

The Food Tour

After the summit, Pastor Young, Pastor Bruce and I (all three of our wives included) went out to the city to just hang out. We did this amazing food tour. We started off with some Korean ribs with cold buckwheat noodle dish. Then Pastor Bruce insisted that we try this incredible Chinese dumpling… so off […]

AMI Leadership Summit Reflections

We finished off the summit this afternoon. I think many of the participants would agree with me and say that this was one of the better conferences in AMI. Just having Reggie McNeil with us and even affirm what we are doing as AMI was huge. It was a tremendous confirmation of what God is […]

Sessions with Reggie McNeil

Wow! There are just some people who stretch your mind and challenge you in such a way that it is refreshing – Reggie McNeil is one of those guys. The sessions with him have been top-notched. I wish all our church members were here to listen to this man. He is one of the better […]

Meeting Up with Friends

One great thing about this conference is the opportunity to reconnect with friends and relationships that have been built up over the years. There were two brothers that I have met in India who are here at this conference. It was great to spend some time with them. God is doing some things in India. […]

Platinum is Better Than Gold

I was waiting for Christina to arrive from Ann Arbor last night. But she kept on calling from the airport saying that the flight was delay due to a fuel leak. Then towards the start of the summit, she called again and said that the pilot could not fly because he has reached the maximum […]

First Night of the Summit

Yesterday, all throughout the morning we had the ordination and licensure candidate interviews. It brought back a lot of memories for me. I remember going through my ordination interview – it was pretty nerve racking. I wanted to make sure that I did not do what some of the older pastors did to me – […]

Genuine Italian Restaurant

The TLT (trans-local team) and I went out for lunch. The hotel concierge told us about a good Italian restaurant (authentic). As soon as we drove into the neighborhood, you got a sense that it was from the television show, “The Sopranos”. As we were about to walk into the restaurant, I told the other […]

Thoughts on “Communicating for a Change”

        For some reason, reading Andy Stanley’s book, “Communicating for a Change” was a painful but yet pleasant experience. Maybe it is like running. It is painful as you run (especially if you haven’t ran in ages), but then at the end it feels good knowing that you got a good work […]

2007 AMI Leadership Summit Update 1

I finally arrived this late afternoon to Newark, New Jersey after a 2 hour delay in the plane on the tarmac… oh the joys of air travel. The Trans-Local Team (TLT) met up together for dinner and spent some time in prayer. Tomorrow morning we will have some business meetings. Then many of our guests […]

2007 AMI Leadership Summit

I am pretty excited about the AMI leadership summit, which will hosted by Acts Community Church in New Jersey. Some of the leadership team in HMCC will be joining me this weekend. I am leaving today to meet up with the Trans-local Team (TLT) before the whole conference starts on Thursday night. I am looking […]

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