Platinum is Better Than Gold

I was waiting for Christina to arrive from Ann Arbor last night. But she kept on calling from the airport saying that the flight was delay due to a fuel leak. Then towards the start of the summit, she called again and said that the pilot could not fly because he has reached the maximum number of hours he can fly within a day.

She mentioned that all the passengers began to cuss and scramble (for the record, Christina did not choose the former, but definitely the latter). When she called me, I quickly called a direct elite line for Platinum Northwest members, I told them the situation and then the agent put her on the next flight. This gained some brownie points with Christina – this one moment neutralized all my travels throughout this year 🙂

Christina finally arrived, albeit that it was right after the worship time was over. Even though she missed the opening session, I am glad that she is here with me.

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