T-Ball Season

We went to Elliot’s first T-Ball game. It was fun watching these 7 year old kids trying to hit the ball off a tee… their throwing and their attempt at catching the ball were hilarious. I guess this is how all kids start off.

Since Elliot has pretty good eye-hand coordination, baseball is working out for him.

His whole 1st grade class signed up together to play in the league. It is encouraging to know that he is able to play, not only for the love of the game but also because his friends are playing with him.

The best part was when the team was cheering on the person who was batting… T-Ball is definitely a team sport.

At this age, they need to learn to have a love for the game – the skill and things like that will come with time.
Elliot's T-Ball2.JPG
This was Elliot’s first hit
Elliot's T-Ball3.JPG
Elliot in his ready formation to field the ball
Elliot's T-Ball1.JPG
As you can tell they sit according to their numbers, but why is Elliot (#7) flanked so close to these girls… hmm.

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