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I think I need to set the record straight so that there is no misunderstanding of what happened this past Sunday during my message.

As I was meditating on the passage (Mt 22:1-14) in my preparation, I wanted to come up with an illustration that would highlight the point about having the “right” wedding robe that Jesus talked about. I don’t have a robe. Therefore I was thinking that I would put on one of my jackets and then exchange it with another one to demonstrate the importance of having the “right” jacket on in order to get into the wedding banquet.

But I just felt that it would not pack the punch in terms of trying to contrast our own self-righteousness compared to God’s righteousness. Then I was thinking it would be good if I can show how our “jacket” of righteousness is all torn up due to our sinfulness. I was thinking it would be good if I can rip up the jacket to visibly show our shortcomings… but I would not know how to explain to Christina that I tore a jacket for a sermon illustration – even though I am sure she should have said, “Sure, honey… FTG (for the Gospel)” 🙂

So I ended up going to the local Salvation Army. I could not believe all the stuff they had over there. I literally spend one hour trying to find a jacket that was my size so that the illustration would look believe-able.

Guess how much I got for the two jackets (one for AA and the other for HMCC of Chicago)?

A whopping $9.98 – $4.99 each. Yup.

You should have heard the gasp in the room. I was privileged enough to see some of your faces. Some people had the look of – “I just can’t believe he just cut up that sport’s jacket!”

I pray that the point in the sermon will always stick in your mind. The staff and I are committed to do whatever it takes to help you experience transformation through God’s Word – sometimes we have to try extra hard to get a point across 🙂

Don’t forget the one thing: God invites us to the privileged life through His righteousness.

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