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Josiah’s Double Digit B-Day

Today was Josiah’s 10th birthday. Christina and I decided that when our kids turn 10 years old, they would stop having birthday parties with their friends – practical reasons as well as budget constraints. Instead, we allow them to choose an activity that they want to do with the whole family and then they get […]

10K Update – Week 4

With four days left, Christina and I decided to run on the actual course for the 10K run. I don’t know what to say… but I am in trouble. It is harder than I expected. One lesson that I got out of my efforts this morning is – when you do not have goals or […]

The Ripple in the Hand

        I saw this picture on “HMCC Photographers” Facebook group. It really inspired me so I asked if I can get a copy of it. Then I found out that the photographer was the accomplished Jerry Uelsmann. I looked through some of his works on his website. Some of his stuff was […]

My Hair Dresser Was Right

Several months ago, I was getting a haircut… well more like a trim (I still have long hair) and the hair dresser that I have been going to for the last 10+ years said, “You look just like a famous singer (actor) in China.” I kind of chuckled because with that many people in China, […]

An Asian Miss Universe

            As I was reading up on the news this morning, I found out that on Monday night, the winner of Miss Universe 2007 was a 20 year old Japanese dancer name Akiko Kojima. First of all, I don’t think in my lifetime I have seen an Asian person win Miss […]

What Single-mindedness Can Do

        Cindy Sheehan became the poster-child of the anti-war movement. She lost her son, Casey in April 2004 in a battle in Baghdad. Sheehan received national attention when she camped outside of President Bush’s home in Texas wanting to meet to talk about her son’s death. But on Monday, she decided to […]

Marvelous Mondays

One of my members drove me to the airport this past Sunday. He found out that I was running the 10K with Christina and a few of the other members in our church. When he was in high school he shared about his “Super Saturdays.” He and his friend would start off in the morning […]

More Time with Family

I was able to get on an earlier flight from ORD to DTW – the Platinum Elite Status with Northwest is paying off. It was a full flight but I was afforded a seat. Since the kids had the day off from school due to the Memorial Day holiday, I wanted to make sure that […]

Rhythms and Nostalgia

This morning, even though I was in Chicago, I tried to keep my running regiment for the big 10K run. For some reason, I decided to run with the soundtrack of Braveheart. As I was running with the music, I came to a realization. The progression of the music flowed nicely with the progression of […]

Memorial Day 2007

Regardless of how a person about the war in Iraq and the war on terrorism in Afghanistan (and many other wars around the wars around the world, on this day, we need to show some respect to those who have fought for our country. They are usually called our “fallen heroes.” Since I didn’t know […]

Never Get Too Comfortable

I think one of the joys of church planting is the constant challenge of finding facility space. I believe in HMCC of Ann Arbor we used at least 7 or 8 different places for worship within the first 5 years of our church. It was quite an adventure but it was really hard to keep […]

Wholly Devoted

I just came back from the first night of the Single Adult Retreat. It was great worshipping with the “older” crowd in our church. In the message, the “one thing” that I shared was – “A heart devoted to God will live out the purposes of God.” We looked into the life of King Solomon […]

Soccer Mania

        Today, Josiah and his Ann Arbor Arsenal Team participated in the Canton Cup Tournament. It is a pretty historic tournament with close to 500+ teams all over Michigan coming together to compete. Every time I go to Josiah’s games, it brings back memories of the “glory days” of when I played […]

Applebee’s Racial Salad

        I don’t know… maybe I am truly an activist at heart. In some ways, all activists have some sense of justice built in their disposition. I am also fully aware that what I am about to write is probably rooted in some deep emotional scar when I was 7 years old […]

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