Marvelous Mondays

One of my members drove me to the airport this past Sunday. He found out that I was running the 10K with Christina and a few of the other members in our church. When he was in high school he shared about his “Super Saturdays.” He and his friend would start off in the morning and then push their bodies with various exercise and sports activities to just keep in shape.

They would run, play basketball and weight lift for the WHOLE day!

I don’t know what got into me but today I decided to have a “Marvelous Monday.”

I ran 3 miles in the morning and then in the evening I bike for about 8 miles. Even though it is not like the “Super Saturdays,” for a deteriorating body like mine, but I am definitely making some progress.

What would it feel like to do an Iron Man?

Hmm… maybe I need to start with a Iron Man 70.3 first.

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