Mosquitoes and Male Bonding

There is something unique about taking some time out with just one of your children and spending extra time with them. Not only do you get to know them on a different level, but they feel very special.

Josiah was able to start this first fire and help put up the tent. We grilled some chicken and then chilled together throughout the evening. The “talk” with Josiah went better than I expected. I emphasized the importance of purity and being a man of God.

I think some of the biological aspects went over his head, but I made sure that he felt safe enough to bring up anything with me in the future.

Both, Josiah and I agreed that the mosquitoes were a nuisance – they were biting like crazy. No amount of mosquito repellant stopped them from attacking us. But I guess that is the price we pay for male bonding.

Now, Elliot is counting down for his male bonding camping trip with daddy – 3 more years to go!
Josiah's 1st Camping Trip - Tent.JPG
This was our two-man tent
Josiah 1st Camping Trip - Fire.JPG
Josiah setting up to start his first camp fire
Josiah 1st Camping Trip - Fire2.JPG
After the successful fire, we cooked marshmallows together

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