My Hair Dresser Was Right

Several months ago, I was getting a haircut… well more like a trim (I still have long hair) and the hair dresser that I have been going to for the last 10+ years said, “You look just like a famous singer (actor) in China.” I kind of chuckled because with that many people in China, I am sure there are some people who look like each other.

But she kept on insisting that I keep the look that I have because I look like that famous person. I went home and told Christina about what was said. She was just as incredulous as me. I think she wanted to boost my ego and said, “Honey, there is NO ONE like you… you are one of a kind!”

Well, this morning a member in my church forwarded me a picture that she got from another member who was in China… and you would not believe what I saw!

I forwarded the picture to Christina and she was on the floor laughing. In fact, to test the authenticity of the “look alike,” Christina called my daughter Karissa who is 3.5 years old and asked her, “who is this?” Karissa said, “Daddy!” OMG!

I was going to cut my hair soon, but maybe I should just keep it long and then go to China and draw a crowd and tell people that I have found Jesus and so should they.
Me Look Alike.jpg
I guess my look alike is trying to sell some Chinese alcohol

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