Applebee’s Complaint Follow-up

I finally received a response from Applebee’s, but it was not the response that I was looking for. In a strange way, I feel like it was one of those patent or standard answers that are given to e-mails that are sent with a complaint. Hmm… I guess the only way to see if they […]

Josiah’s Double Digit B-Day

Today was Josiah’s 10th birthday. Christina and I decided that when our kids turn 10 years old, they would stop having birthday parties with their friends – practical reasons as well as budget constraints. Instead, we allow them to choose an activity that they want to do with the whole family and then they get […]

10K Update – Week 4

With four days left, Christina and I decided to run on the actual course for the 10K run. I don’t know what to say… but I am in trouble. It is harder than I expected. One lesson that I got out of my efforts this morning is – when you do not have goals or […]

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