American Idol Confession

About three weeks ago, I got so curious about the all the hype on this guy named Sanjaya Malakar. I have never heard this guy sing but I realized that people either really liked him or hated him with a passion. Therefore, I went on YouTube to check out some of the episodes of American […]

A Reoccurring Dream

Do you ever get reoccurring dreams? For some reason, I get one every month or so… it is crazy. It is very familiar but yet it somehow seems very foreign. The environment and the situation are always the same. But each time, it has a different feel. It is a bit frustrating and eerie. In […]

Thoughts on “Freakonomics”

      The subtitle of Steven Levitt’s and Stephen Dubner’s book, Freakonomics is: “A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything.” This is an appropriate subtitle in light of what they try to present in their book. If you are a cynic or a skeptic, then you will love this book. As a […]

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