A Reoccurring Dream

Do you ever get reoccurring dreams? For some reason, I get one every month or so… it is crazy. It is very familiar but yet it somehow seems very foreign.

The environment and the situation are always the same. But each time, it has a different feel. It is a bit frustrating and eerie.

In the dream, I am supposed to get to a familiar place, so I end up taking a short cut in order to save time. Then after my time there, I start walking out in order to get to another place. I take the same turns and streets, but for some reason I keep on ending up on a different street.

It is a bit freaky because I am like a third person observer to all this. I am telling myself (in the dream) to turn left and then right but I keep on taking the longer way which defeats my purpose of taking the short cut in the first place.

I always wake up feeling frustrated.

Maybe God is trying to tell me to slow down.


Use a GPS.

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