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This coming Sunday we are going to start a new 3-part series called, #trending. For those of you who are not very versed in social media, Twitter uses the hashtag (#) to track various words or topics that are trending. Anything that trends is something that is being talked about a lot in the Twitter world.

In the same way, there are topics that are trending in the Church; but the problem is that we are not addressing them head on. The Church either ignores it or hopes that it will go away. The reality is that it will not go away.

In the midst of the cultural milieu, biblical standards are being push aside so that personal preferences can guide a person’s life. This is affecting how people in the Church are dealing with some of these issues in a Christ-centered way.

Usually, when sensitive topics come up, the Church has a tendency to lean towards an unclear and unloving approach. Through this series, we want to find a good balance of speaking the truth unequivocally and unapologetically, while at the same time offering the hope of the Gospel. When the Church speaks the truth in love (Eph 4:15), people will experience freedom and they will begin to grow.

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