An Asian Miss Universe

Miss Universe2007-Japan.jpg   Miss Universe2007.jpg
As I was reading up on the news this morning, I found out that on Monday night, the winner of Miss Universe 2007 was a 20 year old Japanese dancer name Akiko Kojima. First of all, I don’t think in my lifetime I have seen an Asian person win Miss Universe. But after some research, I found out that there have been other Asian winners.

It has been estimated that over 1 billion people watched this two-hour primetime telecast in over 170 countries as contestants from 77 countries competed for the crown. Wow, talk about a global event.

It is interesting that due to various media exposure and globalization, more Asians are being recognized in the public arena (this is a side note, but the 3rd runner up with Miss Korea). I guess it helped that 2 of the 10 telecast judges were well known Asian-Americans (Michelle Kwan and James Kyson Lee).

I don’t know why but whenever people have this kind of spotlight, I always wonder to myself – “what would be like if they were a committed Christ-follower and used their platform to shine Christ?” Now I don’t know if she is a believer or not, but just think about the influence… anyways, I am just rambling.

Miss Universe2007 - Japan1.jpg
I think it was the dress that did it – wait, don’t peacocks use their feathers to mesmerize other peacocks