Gender Differences in a Car Ride

Yesterday I spent the whole day with the women in our family (Christina and KiKi). Christina and I picked up KiKi from school and to see the joy on KiKi’s face was worth it all. After getting her buckled in, I asked her how school was and she would not stop talking!

This got me thinking because whenever I ask the boys about their school days, I get one word answers.

The conversations go something like this:

Dad: So guys, how was school?
Boys: Good.
Dad: Uh, just good?
Boys: Yeah.
Dad: Did anything interesting happen?
Boys: No.
Dad: No? Well, did you guys at least learn some interesting things?
Boys: Not really. (side note, at least they said 2 words)

The conversation with Karissa yesterday went something like this:

Dad: So…. How was school?
KiKi: Daddy, you know what?
Dad: What?
KiKi: Friend A was being mean.
Dad: Why?
KiKi: Well, daddy, Friend A didn’t want to play with Friend B and Friend C. She said that she didn’t want to be our friend.
Dad: Oh really? So what did you do?
KiKi: Well, I told Friend A that if she doesn’t want to be our friend then we will not be her friend. So we told the teacher that Friend A did not want to play with Friend B and Friend C.
Mom: Well, we can’t be friends with everybody so don’t worry about it just focus on doing your work.
Dad: Yeah girl… stay focus on your mission – doing your work.

Oh the joys of having a girl in the family! Researchers are saying that women speak roughly 25,000 words per day while men speak about 10,000 words per day. From my car rides with the kids, I believe it! Maybe this is one gender difference we just need to accept.

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