Cutting EDGE

This week, after the retreat, I had some time to think and reflect.

I was thinking, “What do we need to do now in light of the blessings that we have received from the Lord?” Especially, with only 3 months left in this semester.

What we do in these next 3 months will lay a foundation for the summer and even the new year coming up in September. As I spent some time in prayer, the Lord reminded me of some basic principles in the Christian journey that will never change regardless of the place or time. They include such things are growing our relationship with God, sharing our faith, getting discipled and building one another up.

If we engage in some of these basic things, then we will see a strong church that is ready to make a splash for God’s Kingdom. I, then put these components into an acronym the EDGE… like in “cutting edge.” The American Heritage Dictionary defines “cutting edge” as, “the position of greatest advancement or importance; the forefront.” As we live out these principles we will be in the forefront and ready to advance forward for God.

Once again, if we want to be on the “cutting EDGE” for the Lord for the rest of this year, then we need to focus on:

E – Evangelism
D – Discipleship
G – Growing Spiritually
E – Edification
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