626 Mandate and Kids

Our family got together this evening to pray for the 626 Mandate. We signed up for Saturdays at 7:30PM. As we were getting ready to pray, one thought was running through my mind – how in the world are we going to get a 9 year old, 6 year old, and a 2.9 year old to pray for 30 minutes? After praying for the various needs in our church, I looked at my watch and only 5 minutes had passed by… sigh. I think it was only by God’s grace that we were able fulfill our commitment.

After putting the kids to sleep, I went downstairs and thought about the significance of the moment. I realized three things:

1) My kids are learning the importance of prayer
2) My kids are learning how to pray
3) My kids are learning the value of being faithful to a commitment