Abortion and the Holocaust


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Abortion has been a topic that many Christ-followers have remained silent on over the years. The cultural milieu has made it difficult for pro-life proponents to speak up in public against this atrocity. Also, I think one major contributing factor for the silence is that there are a lot of Christ-followers who have had an abortion. If you then add to this, a culture of shame and a lack of redemptive perspective on life, it is easy to see why the topic of abortion is rarely brought up or talked about in the Church.

This causes a lot of people to remain trapped in their guilt, shame, regret and pain, instead of experiencing forgiveness and freedom.

The discussion on abortion was highlighted recently when Steve Jobs passed away. As many of you know, he was given to adoption rather than being aborted. People have been asking, “What if Jobs’ mother aborted him instead of bringing him to full term and then giving him away for adoption?” Yup, we would have lost a genius and an incredible innovator.

Can you imagine all the millions of geniuses and innovators that we have lost since 1973 due to abortion?

It is hard to describe in words.

Many Christ-followers would say that abortion is wrong, but very few can really argue their conviction with wisdom and with a winsome apporach.

Ray Comfort is an evangelist and a staunch opponent of abortion. He is definitely more confrontational in his approach, but I was impressed with his arguments against abortion. Some say that Comfort is a bit over-the-top, but I would have to say that his approach is causing a lot of people to re-think about their stance on abortion. His analogy with the Holocaust and abortion might be a bit insensitive, but there are definitely some principled similarities that it is hard to ignore.

He has produced a documentary called, “180.” The part that gripped me is the lack of knowledge that people had about Adolf Hilter. As the old adage goes, “those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it.”

Another thing that spoke to me was when the people in the video were exposed for their inconsistency. In their shock, they only had two choices – either they conceded to their duplicity and became open to change their views or they became proud and stubbornly held on to their foolishness.

May we speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. This is part of being an advocate and living a life of justice. It is my hope that people will be able to see the ultimate Advocate who defends the defenseless.

Check out the video.

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