Rhythms and Nostalgia

This morning, even though I was in Chicago, I tried to keep my running regiment for the big 10K run. For some reason, I decided to run with the soundtrack of Braveheart. As I was running with the music, I came to a realization. The progression of the music flowed nicely with the progression of the run. In the first couple of songs there is an upbeat tempo. But then towards the 2+ mile, the music changed to more of a melodic “push yourself” type of music.

It was a weird experience.

It was as if the music knew my body’s rhythms… and was communicating, “you are in trouble if you don’t push yourself.”

I was inspired to run towards my high school soccer stadium. It was one of those holy moments for me. I started getting to get all nostalgic as I entered into the stadium – one of those “Field of Dreams” moments. I was just reminiscing about the time when I played varsity soccer under the bright lights and with the crowds gathering in the stadium seats. And for the record, I did not try to live out the glory days by dribbling around the field and kicking an imaginary ball and shouting “gooooooaaaalllllll.” But I was tempted 🙂

It was my passion for soccer that drew me away from my relationship with Christ during my high school years. Therefore, standing in the stadium I couldn’t help but to think about God’s grace and mercy in my life.

A Jealous God wanted all of me so that I can live for His glory and do what I am doing now. I am truly privileged.

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