The First Follower

I was introduced to this video by Pete Dahlem. I was reminded of an important principle in good leadership. Not only do we need the leader to show by example, but in order to start a movement one of the key components is the “first follower.” Without this person, there will be no momentum or movement. But if a leader has their first follower, then slowly others will follow – more people will join in.

This is how the Gospel spread.

The leader – Jesus.

The first follower or followers – the disciples.

And the rest is history.

God is constantly looking for that first follower. Once God has that first person, everything starts to click and things begin to build momentum, which will inevitably lead to a movement.

We want to see another Student Volunteer Movement in our generation that is based upon a church planting movement reaching campuses, cities, countries, and continents (Ac 1:8) for His glory.