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Cubs and Broken Hearts

Now, we have to wait until 2008 which will be the 100th year anniversary of their last World Series championship. It is hard to believe that the last time that they even played in the World Series was back in 1945. Only true Cubs fans would know the heartaches of being a die-hard Cubs fan […]

Defeated in Brawn and Brains

God blessed us with a glorious day. In fact, it was probably the hottest and the most humid day in the 11 years of H-Games history. But it was still fun competing with the married couples’ small group and hanging out with some of the other small groups in our church. This year, the H-Games […]

Passion and Pleasure

On my flight back to Ann Arbor from Dallas, I had a conversation with an ER doctor. It was a pretty interesting conversation as we talked about everything from religion to raising kids. In the midst of the conversation, we realized that we had a common acquaintance in Ann Arbor… small world huh? But the […]

2007 H-Games

Tomorrow we have our annual HMCC H-Games. All the small groups in our church gather together for a crazy time of competing against one another in various events and games. Everything all culminates to the last event, which is the tug-of-war. I always look forward to the H-Games because: 1) This is one of the […]

Discipling the Next Generation

        Today is the International Day of Quds which is observed by many Muslims around the world as an event to proclaim their opposition of Israel’s control of Jerusalem. It is practiced on the last Friday of Ramadan where all Muslims join together in solidarity for their support of the Palestinian Muslims. […]

HMCC Highlights

God is doing some awesome things in HMCC of Ann Arbor and in HMCC of Chicago. We are trying to publish a “HMCC Highlights” newsletter to keep all of you up-to-date of what God is doing in our churches. It is an opportunity to brag about what God is doing and to make Him famous. […]

Commissioning Men

Yesterday was another full day. It was packed with some great stories of God’s transformative power in the lives of people and even in nations. We heard from Suliasi Kurulo, who serves in Fiji and has planted 1,000 churches in 100 different nations; and also David Sobrepena, who serves in Philippines has trained up 270,000 […]

Men Uniting for Something Greater

There is something about being in the midst of people who are flowing in a higher dimension that brings inspiration to a person’s life. I have been inspired by some of these world leaders at this men’s conference. It is hard to describe in words what God is doing at this forum. Last night we […]

Global Men’s Gathering

Today, I am heading out to Dallas for the Lion’s Roar Men’s Conference that I was invited to. It is sponsored by the Christian Men’s Network, which was started by Ed Cole who is often known as the grandfather of all men’s ministry. It is going to be pretty inspiring to be around some giants […]

A Joy-filled Weekend

I had a great time with the guys in Chicago this weekend. As soon as I arrived, some of pastors and I, went to downtown Chicago for some Malaysian food (this is one of our family’s favorite). I wanted to taste try this one restaurant that people have been talking about it, but it was […]

Family Slumber Party

Since the undergraduate students will be meeting together in their small groups, I don’t have to preach for our Friday ACCESS gathering. It is a welcomed opportunity for me to spend extra time with the family. We are in the process of planning out a big slumber party in the living room. After dinner we […]

Global Eyes are Watching

        It is incredible how technology has allowed us to see world events in real time. I don’t know if you are keeping up with the situation in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). It is riveting to see monks who are being shot at as they are peacefully protesting the oppression of […]

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