Spontaneous Surprises

I brought in my car to the dealer to have them check out a problem that I was having with one of the valves; therefore I was without a car for most of the morning. But I had the opportunity to meet up with one of our alumni. It was awesome to hear some of the things that God was doing in their life. I am learning how to appreciate these relationships because many of them are carrying the vision of transformation to various parts of the world. It is also exciting to see how many of them will be placed all over the world with an influence to impact their companies and even nations in the future.

Then I had Christina pick me up to pick up the car. She came with KiKi and you should have seen her face! Oh, just to see the child-like eagerness to have lunch with her daddy – nothing beats it.

We chilled at Panera Bread and just enjoyed each other’s company over the half sandwich and half salad meal deal.

I realized that it is these unplanned, unscripted, and spontaneous surprises that bring joy to our hearts.

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