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A Response to a Post

First of all, let me try to explain once again why I do not have a comment section on my blog. In fact, there are a lot of people who have said various things about me for not enabling the comment section. I understand I am not a true blogger if I don’t have the […]

Raising the Next Generation of Leaders

I just came back from meeting with some of the men in our church. Several weeks ago, I sent out an invitation to all the men in our leadership team (TEAM Community) about being part of a group who will get discipled and trained to be future pastors and ministry leaders. It was encouraging to […]

Reflections on a Whirlwind Day

Morning – Our first all day training conference for our TEAM Community (leadership community for our small group leaders and ministry team leaders). It was great having the leaders of HMCC of Chicago join us for the conference. It was also a blessing to see non-pastors teaching some of the classes to equip the people […]

Ramadan and Christians Fasting

For many Christians, the start of Ramadan came and went. Ramadan in 2007 started yesterday, September 13th and will continue for 30 days until Friday, October 12th. During this month there are a lot of various religious observances that a Muslim is suppose to follow. The most common practice during this month is the daytime […]

The Joy of Music

Since people know I enjoy all kinds of music, one of my members recommended a website awhile back that plays all “kinds of music” for FREE. Yup, you heard me right… FREE. It is called The Pandora Radio, which is sponsored by the The Music Genome Project. The best part of this is that you […]

The Car of the Millennium

I grew up with Mattel’s Hot Wheels. I remember just playing with the die-cast metal cars for hours and imagining I was a race car driver. Also, as I was growing up, I idolized Speed Racer and pretended to have my own Mach 5. Do you remember what all those buttons did on his steering […]

Karissa’s 4th B-Day

I cannot believe KiKi is 4 years old now. Time has flown by quickly. We followed our b-day tradition: 1) We allowed the birthday person to pick a restaurant that they want to go to. KiKi picked Macaroni Grill not for the food but because of their Smothered Chocolate Cake. This girl is starting early […]

Kite Flying and the Holy Spirit

After dinner, the kids and I decided to go kite flying. It wasn’t as windy as we wanted it to be but it was sufficient. As we were taking turns in flying the kite, I was trying to teach the kids to wait for the wind and then let the wind take the kite up […]

Sixth Year Anniversary of 9/11

It is hard to believe that it has been 6 years since the 9/11 attacks. With the busyness of life it is easy to forget. But today as I was driving my kids to school, when I heard the song, I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me. They added a montage of various recordings of […]

A New Velocity

As this new school year started, we have added a junior school ministry to our church. It is hard to believe that what started off just as a college focused church has now expanded to various other ministries. This is truly a testimony to God’s grace and faithfulness. Within the month of August we were […]

Missions at Every Life Stage

It was a blessing to see the single adults in the FOCUS ministry and the high school students in our Latitude ministry give their missions update. It has always been a dream of ours to see every single person in our church, regardless of their life stage to get involved somehow in missions. This was […]

Congregation Meeting Sept 07

Tomorrow we will have our congregational meeting with all our covenant signing members in our church. I really look forward to these meetings because I have the opportunity to share about the current situation in our church and even cast some vision for the coming year. It is kind of like the State of the […]

Firstfruits Theology

After the staff and I had a discussion on the first-fruits offering, it got me thinking about the validity of it. The first-fruits offering was something that the Israelites practiced in their relationship with God. It was an offering that was to be brought to the Lord in the beginning of the harvest season to […]

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