Kite Flying and the Holy Spirit

After dinner, the kids and I decided to go kite flying. It wasn’t as windy as we wanted it to be but it was sufficient. As we were taking turns in flying the kite, I was trying to teach the kids to wait for the wind and then let the wind take the kite up in the air.

Then, I realized that this was a great opportunity to teach them a biblical principle. It dawned upon me that this would be a great teaching moment on the Holy Spirit.

I explained how in life there are so many things we try to do ourselves in our own strength, wisdom or talents. When this happens, we do not go very far… just like the kite. But when we wait upon the Holy Spirit to come upon us (or anoint us) then it makes everything so much easier… just like the wind that takes the kite up… we don’t have to try as hard.

Something just clicked for them as I was teaching this point.

I knew that they understood the principle because as they held on to the kite one of them said, “Just wait… just wait for the Holy Spirit.” Then the other one said, “Yeah… hold on because I can see it coming… the leaves on the trees are moving!” HAHA!

We had a blast.
Kite Flying - KiKi.JPG
This was KiKi’s first time kite flying and she did awesome
Kite Flying - Elliot.JPG
Elliot loved waiting for the “Holy Spirit” to take the kite high up
Kite Flying - Josiah .JPG
Josiah was trying to beat everyone with the longest hang time

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