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The Opera Legend

Today is a sad day. When I checked the news this morning, I found out that Luciano Pavarotti passed away early this morning. He was one of the godfathers of opera. Music is such a powerful medium to communicate a message. He used his tenor voice to dazzle the crowds, especially with his international crowds. […]

Alumni Network

After I got back from my whirlwind summer tour, I was convinced that what we are trying to do here in Ann Arbor is really worth it. God reignited my heart for investing in the alumni who are now making ripples throughout the world. One morning, I was in Singapore’s airport having an early breakfast […]

A Clean Office

It was awesome walking into a clean church office this morning, especially my office. The blessing part of this whole thing is that someone anonymously cleaned it. I am trying to dust off fingerprints on the guilty party. It is such a blessing to lead a church that has people who know how to serve […]

Covenant Retreat 07 Update

We just came back from our Covenant Retreat. It was awesome spending time with the other married couples in our church. Our focus for this retreat was on “Oneness.” It is easy for couples to go through their married life without experiencing oneness in their marriage. Emotional oneness, spiritual oneness and physical oneness are things […]

Covenant Retreat 2007

        Today, the Covenant group, which is our married couples’ group in our church, will be heading out for a retreat. We usually have a great time of just chillin’ and fellowshipping together. Most of the families bring their kids so it is good time even for the kids to play together. […]

New Encounter 2007

Yesterday, we had our New Encounter event. It was great seeing all the new students join us for worship experience. We were able to give people a glimpse of our worship style and also share about different aspects of our church, especially our small group ministry. There was great interaction with one another as we […]

A Lesson from Heartbreak

Urgh! A principle that we will constantly be confronted with is – when we get too comfortable or have an over-estimation of ourselves, we will be humbled. Michigan Wolverines were ranked #5 in the nation and Appalachian State who?! Jesus said, “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will […]

New Student Outreach 07

The leaders and I were sensing that this year God was going to give us a great harvest of souls and in one day God gave us a glimpse of what He wanted to do. In the previous new student outreaches, we would plan out activities where we might attract about 100-200 people new students […]

Irene Chung’s Debut

Irene Chung, one of our members has expressed her desire to use her passion and talent for music to build up God’s Kingdom. Often times, what starts off as a dream can become our destiny as we stay focused on our calling. I want to do my part in encouraging people who have a dream […]

The “Arts & Media” of Transformasphere

It is very interesting to discover that a lot of the R&B singers today (and of the past) were once involved in their church choir. When we look even further into history, we will notice that some of the greatest music came from the Church. Some notable composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frederic […]

Newly Designed HMCC Website 07

I just want to give a shout out to the Web Team, the Publications Team and many others who have put countless numbers of hours into re-designing our church website. I am proud to be part of a group of people who constantly go the extra mile to make things happen. They are truly the […]

The Word “Transformasphere”

I love it when words are created. It expresses a function of something and then it is put into a form. I enjoy seeing this process take shape. For example the word, “blog” came about from people journaling on the web. As they kept a log of their thoughts, it was put in a chronological […]

Thoughts on “Muslim Evangelism”

        After my trip out to Indonesia and Malaysia, God really spoke to me about my ignorance about the Islamic faith and the Muslim people. It is interesting that no matter how many theological classes you have taken in seminary about world religions, there is a difference between head knowledge and practical […]

Face Mask Fellowship

I realized the power Christina has over my life. Last night, Christina somehow convinced me to try putting on a facial mask. At first I was very resistant because I have always associated guys putting on a facial mask with – well, I can’t say it on this blog 🙂 When I saw it as […]

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