A Clean Office

It was awesome walking into a clean church office this morning, especially my office. The blessing part of this whole thing is that someone anonymously cleaned it. I am trying to dust off fingerprints on the guilty party.

It is such a blessing to lead a church that has people who know how to serve and they do it anonymously. In this world of “getting ahead,” it is encouraging to know that there are some people who take God’s word about giving in secret (Mt 6:3-4) seriously and obey.

In fact, if anyone struggles with pride, try to do something for someone without ever letting anyone find out… pride will die pretty quickly because it will be starved of self-centeredness, self-promotion, and self-adulation.

What a way to start off a week. I am now ready to focus, to dream and to plan things out for the church.

Whoever you are… I lifted up a prayer for God’s blessings in your life today. Thanks… you made my day.

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