Covenant Retreat 07 Update

We just came back from our Covenant Retreat. It was awesome spending time with the other married couples in our church. Our focus for this retreat was on “Oneness.” It is easy for couples to go through their married life without experiencing oneness in their marriage. Emotional oneness, spiritual oneness and physical oneness are things that couples need to experience.

It was interesting because in one of our discussions we started to see the difference between men and women. For women they need emotional oneness in order for them to have oneness on the physical level. But for the men, they need physical oneness in order to have emotional oneness.

With this difference there is a lot of room for misunderstanding and even hurt feelings. This is why starting off with the spiritual oneness really brings a couple together. From the spiritual oneness the emotional and physical come – sometimes at the same time!

The retreat was planned purposefully so that we would have a lot of interactions with one another. We enjoyed outdoor activities with football, ultimate frisbee and organized games such as jump roping. Then in the evening we played this game called, “Bang”. It was truly a hit with the married couples. It is like the card game Mafia but more Christian since we don’t have to lie… haha!

But the best part was when we had each couple come in the middle of the circle and the rest of us surrounded them and lifted them up in prayer – truly memorable.
Retreat07 Jump Roping2.JPG
Men vs. women jump roping contest – the women are elegant and in perfect harmony
Retreat07 Jump Roping1.JPG
The men… well, what can I say. But believe it or not, we won!

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