Defeated in Brawn and Brains

God blessed us with a glorious day. In fact, it was probably the hottest and the most humid day in the 11 years of H-Games history. But it was still fun competing with the married couples’ small group and hanging out with some of the other small groups in our church.

This year, the H-Games committee tried to vary things up with a mathematical twist. One event involved solving a math equation (I guess this was to encourage the non-athletic guys). Even with some PhD’s and MD’s in our group, we lost… so much for the brains huh? Haha!

I think it is the age… without the brawn, we cannot keep up with the younger guys. Christina and I were sharing how we have been doing H-Games or mini-Olympics (this is what we use to call it when we were in college) for close to 17+ years. I think it is time to hang up our shoes 🙂

Overall, it was great seeing the whole church come together.

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