2007 H-Games

Tomorrow we have our annual HMCC H-Games. All the small groups in our church gather together for a crazy time of competing against one another in various events and games. Everything all culminates to the last event, which is the tug-of-war.

I always look forward to the H-Games because:

1) This is one of the few times when the whole church family gathers together


2) I get to meet some new people


3) I see the small groups bonding together for the common goal of winning the trophy


4) To show the undergraduate students that as we get older it is not the brawn that makes the difference, but it is definitely the brains 🙂 By the way, the Covenant group (our married couples group) has come in the top 3 consistently in the last several years.

It is going to be awesome… bring on the war paint… ah-whoo!
2006 H-Games.JPG
Here are some very focused married couples… who is that man with the long hair?

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