Men Uniting for Something Greater

There is something about being in the midst of people who are flowing in a higher dimension that brings inspiration to a person’s life. I have been inspired by some of these world leaders at this men’s conference. It is hard to describe in words what God is doing at this forum.

Last night we heard from Pastor Robert Barriger and Sunday Adelaja. There were powerful testimonies of how these two men are changing their nations with God’s favor and anointing. Even this morning, there were world leaders who were sharing about some of the things that God was doing all over the world. It just reminded me that God is a global God and that He desires to use the local church.

There was one thing that resonated with me this morning. One of the speakers said, “When you start realizing that God is speaking to different people around the world with the same thing, then you have to conclude that it is the Holy Spirit and not man!” Almost all the speakers were talking about to some extent the whole transformasphere movement that we have been talking about in our church. It was just incredible! At first I was incredulous, but the more I started to think about the situation, I realized that God is up to something BIG. He is moving in the hearts of God’s people to respond to bringing transformation to the various spheres of society. And it is happening… it is truly amazing!

Also, I have been getting a greater burden for the men’s ministry. It is great just being around men who know the importance of discipling other men. The cries in our prayers are deeper and we have been giving high-fives like crazy out here 🙂

Here are some quotes and phrases that ring true:

“Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous.”

“Heroes are men who act in a moment of time on a need greater than self.”

“God’s methods are men. While men look for better methods, God looks for better men.”

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